15 Best Gifts for 20 Year Old Boys in 2019

Are you on the hunt for something for your sons birthday or Christmas but feeling indecisive about what gift ideas for 20 year old males to are the best? If so, you’re in the right place!

Here we’ve researched what the top gifts for a 20 yr old man have to offer. All you need to do is read through the reviews below to gain a better understanding about what the most popular gifts are and why they’re so great.

There are a lot excellent options for boys, therefore, it can be tricky trying to narrow the search down. Do you go for something they can play in groups while away at college or maybe something entertaining? What about stuff that is practical and useful like tools? The options are literally endless and each guy will have a different idea about what they want the most.

By the end of this guide, you’ll have a clearer picture in your mind about the kind of gifts  that you should select.

Top Picks for Mom and Dads

Best Gifts for 20 Years Old Men

After reading though our guide guide you’ll be able to put yourself at ease knowing just the right gift for 20 year olds. We’ve includes a wide variety of presents, as well as a buyers guide section at the end which can use this to gain more details on how to go about choosing a great option for your son!

1Leather Bag for Laptops & More


This bag is available in a range of 3 sizes that include 11 x 16″, 12 x 16″, and 13 x 18″. Therefore, you can be sure to pick the best size for a guy’s needs.

The leather materials that have been used to make this bag are of a high quality. It has been treated naturally which provides it with an excellent design.

We liked how they’ve included a total of 3 compartments on the inside that are large. This is awesome for storing laptops, books, tablets, and more. Not to mention, there are 3 zippered pockets available that lets you store your smaller items.

  • Durable design 
  • Comfortable to carry     
  • Access to outside pockets could be easier     

2Sleek Watch by Nixon 


We were impressed with how this watch is available in a wide variety of colors. Therefore, you’re able to pick the one that you think a guy turning twenty would like the most.

You can choose to purchase the watch with a leather strap or a more traditional bracelet with a buckle to wear it securely.

The overall design of this watch is incredibly sleek. So, young men will be able to wear it with different outfits and look awesome.

  • Smooth 3 hand movement 
  • Durable     
  • A little bigger than some would prefer     

3Unique Dinosaur Mug 


If you were after a more unique gift for a young man who lives coffee, this mug could be an excellent choice. When the mug is cold, the design on the outside is colored with dinosaurs.

However, when you pour a hot drink into it, the designs change and show the dinosaur fossils.

This can make for a fun gift, especially if you haven’t told them about the disappearing act!

  • Large capacity of 12 oz 
  • Can be put in the microwave
  • Can’t be put into the dishwasher     

4Multipurpose Alarm Clock


There are tons of features available with this alarm clock that guys are able to make great use out of. There’s an FM radio, USB ports for charging devices, as well as a headphone jack.

The volume on the FM radio can be easily adjusted and it even comes with a sleep timer. Guys can set the timer between 10 and 30 minutes to listen to the radio while they fall asleep.

There is a range of 7 alarm sounds as well. These include beeps and buzzers, as well as more natural sounds, such as water and birds chirping.

  • LCD display brightness can be adjusted 
  • Adjustable frequency ranges are available 
  • Clear speakers    
  • Some struggle to set up the sleep mode     

5Organizer Stand


This stand could make for an incredibly useful gift for a young man. They can use it to hold their phones, wallets, watches, sunglasses, earphones, keys, and more!

We liked how they’re used European ash tree wood materials to construct this stand. It provides the stand with a lot of durability.

Furthermore, you can purchase it in 3 different colors. These include ebony, dark walnut, and frosty cherry.

  • Great for keeping items organized
  • Compact size 
  • Great piece of decor     
  • Some would prefer if the phone holders were fixed into position tighter    

6Book Filled With Tips for Guys Turning 20 


If you’re buying a present for a guy turning twenty this book could make for a fantastic choice. It includes some helpful tips on what a guy’s 20’s will involve.

The book is available in a few different forms. This includes paperback, Audiobook, or on Kindle. So, you can be sure to get them the book in a form that suits them best.

People have been liking how this book has been structured. It includes different sections that are clear which makes for a great reading experience.

  • Unique gift 
  • Good mixture of deep & funny topics   
  • Some find that pets of the book are more religious than expected     

7Mini Warmer & Cooler Fridge


This mini fridge is able to cool and warm up items. This is awesome for storing skincare items, such as face masks and washes. Therefore, it’s an excellent choice for a guy looking to stay on top of their skincare routine while traveling.

The lightweight and compact design makes this mini fridge easy to carry around. It weighs just 4 lbs and is 5.3 x 5.7 x 8.3″ in size.

It can also be used to store drinks and food. So, it’s pretty versatile! People have also been liking how it operates without making a lot of noise.

  • Energy efficient
  • 4 liter capacity 
  • DC & AC power cables     
  • Can be prone to building up condensation at times     

8Beard Trimming Set by Remington


Are you buying a gift for a guy who likes to keep their beard in good shape? If so, this Remington kit comes with 15 pieces to provide them with everything they need to look great.

With 8 combs, guys can trim their beard to their desired length with precision. Guys can avoid tugging their beard by accident as a result of the feature that keeps the blades in line.

We also liked how the blades can easily be removed. This makes it very convenient to clean the shaver and keep it more durable.

  • Easy to use clip on comb feature
  • 8 ft long cord
  • Rubber grip for total control      
  • Some find that it gets too hot after being used for a few minutes     

9Multipurpose Pocket Knife


This pocket knife comes with a total of 33 different uses. Some of the main ones include a Phillips screwdriver, a small blade, pliers, bottle opener, and corkscrew.

So, there are plenty of instances where it could come into handy. Furthermore, men who are going out camping would find that this pocket knife comes in handy.

We were impressed with how it’s available in a range of different colors. It includes hardwood, black, red, ruby, sapphire, and more.

  • Durable stainless steel 
  • Compact size     
  • Blades can be cleaned out
  • No manual included     

10Versatile YOREPEK Backpack 


Men who are traveling a lot will appreciate this backpack as a gift. It has been made for getting through airports with minimal hassle. You’re able to lay a laptop out flat without having to take it out of the bag while going through security.

A USB port and headphone jack are available too. Therefore, you’re able to conveniently charge your phone and listen to music while traveling.

We liked how there are waterproof materials used to make this backpack. As a result, you can keep your valuable laptops, tablets, and phones safer. Not to mention, the polyester fabric that has been implemented is excellent for keeping the backpack more durable.

  • Breathable mesh panel on back 
  • Comfortable padded straps 
  • Large compartments     
  • Only best for laptops up to 17″ in size     

11World Map for Travel Enthusiasts 


Travel lovers will appreciate receiving this world map as a gift. It allows guys to scratch off different locations on the map that they’ve traveled to. Therefore, it can make for a very meaningful gift.

We liked how it can be put up on the wall as a piece of art. The black background and colorful countries looks fantastic.

The set comes with 2 guitar picks that can be used to scratch off different locations. A magnifying strip has been included to see the locations with clarity and they’ve also included memory stickers which makes tracking travels a lot easier.

  • Cloth included for wiping away debris after scratching 
  • Highly detailed map 
  • Can be rolled up and taken with you    
  • Doesn’t separate certain areas as distinctly as some were anticipating     

12Star Wars Lego Kit


Despite popular believe boys this age still can enjoy a toy from time to time and guys who are fans of Star Wars will have a ton of fun building this boys lego set. It features 309 pieces in total and comes with a range of minifigures.

When the kit is fully assembled, it can look great on display. It’s also fairly compact which means that it won’t take up too much space.

We were impressed with how a display stand has been included for one of the characters. This is due to the set being a 20th anniversary edition.

  • Rotating fun tower with shooting stud
  • Spring loaded shooters available 
  • Fun harpoon spring included     
  • Some would prefer if the set was more challenging to build     

13Tile Pro Phone Tracker 


Are you looking for gifts for a guy who’s always losing their gadgets? If so, this could make for an awesome gift. It’s compatible with Android, iOS, Samsung, Google, and more.

When you’ve connected the Tile Pro to a device, you’re able to click it twice to cause your phone to ring. Even if it was on silent when you lost it, the device will make it ring loud and clear!

You can attach the Tile Pro to a key chain to keep it with you at all times. When you have the Tile app on your phone, it can remember the locations where you last had it. This is super helpful for retracing your steps and finding a lost phone.

  • Durable design   
  • Impressive range   
  • Compact size 
  • Some find the app can interfere with Bluetooth on certain devices     

14Meyoung’s Projector for Home Theater 


This projector could make for an awesome gift for guys who love to watch movies. It allows them to watch movies at home with a projection that can be between 50 and 130″ Therefore, they can recreate the cinematic experience from home.

It has a HDMI port which means you can connect it to Blu Ray players, laptops, and other media players. Not to mention, this could be great for hooking it up to consoles and playing games on a larger screen.

People have also been liking how it has been made with a more compact design. This is awesome for being able to store it away and not have it take up too much room when it’s not being used.

  • Compatible with USB & SD cards 
  • Built-in speakers 
  • Full HD projections    
  • Can be difficult to see the screen clearly when using it during sunlight

15BBQ Grill Kit 


With a range of 16 accessories included, guys are provided with everything they need to start barbecuing like a pro. We liked how the cooking tools have been made with stainless steel materials.

They’re durable to ensure that they last for a long time and are resistant to rusting. Furthermore, the aluminum case is great for storing everything away conveniently. It also makes the set easier to carry around to use at different place.

  • Safe for the dishwasher 
  • Handles prevent hands from burning     
  • Bristles on the brush are prone to falling out     

Top Picks

Buying Guide to What the Best Gifts for a 20 Year Old Men Are

Now that you’ve had the chance to read through our review of the top presents that are available for twenty something men, you’ll be able to narrow down your search to find the ones that you think are best.

Although, if you’re still struggling to make a decision. You’ll want to check out this buyers guide section.

We’ve included more information surrounding the various kinds of gifts for 20th birthdays, as well as ways you could approach finding something that’s more unique.

Popular Types of Presents for Twenty Year Old Guys

After having a read through our review of some of the best gifts for 20 yr old guys, you will have noticed that we’ve included a wide variety of options.

This is to ensure that we’ve provided you with a complete list that has a bunch of different ideas to help you feel more inspired. If you were interested to learn more about these different types of gifts and what makes them stand out from one another, take a quick look below.

Cooking Sets

At twenty years old, it’s likely that a guy is looking to work on their cooking skills. This is especially the case if they’re away at college.

Therefore, some type of cooking set could make for an awesome gift. The BBQ utensils kit that we’ve reviewed could be an awesome choice.

It encourages young men to feel encouraged to want to cook and improve.


Initially, a backpack may seem like a pretty boring gift for a college guy. However, if they’re someone who’s traveling around a lot of the time, you’ll be surprised at how much they would appreciate a high quality backpack.

It provides guys with an easy way to keep all of their valuable items stored away with ease while they’re on the move.

The backpack that we’ve reviewed is excellent for storing phones, a laptop, tablets, and more. Be sure to find a backpack that has a large capacity and plenty of zippered pockets.

This allows men to keep lots of different items tucked away where they’re easy to access.


If you’re looking to buy a gift for a boyfriend, jewelry like a watch could be an excellent option. This is because it can be worn on a daily basis and guys will feel special when they receive it. Be sure to find them something that’s sleek and stylish.

The watch that we’ve reviewed is available in a variety of colors. It’s also very modern looking and can look great with lots of different outfits and occasions.


At this age, many guys may start to be more interested in presents that are useful. If you were having a hard time finding gifts for a 20 year old son who would rather have something they could put to use, we’ve included some fantastic options in our review.

For example, the pocket knife could be incredibly handy. This is especially the case when it comes to camping or hiking. It also comes with so many different features available in one, super compact, knife.

Furthermore, something like the cooler/warmer fridge could be put to good use. If you’re buying a gift for a guy who likes to travel with their skincare products, they’ll be able to store them at a good temperature.

A gift like this is also multipurpose as it can be used to keep drinks and food warm or cold inside.


Some of the top rated gifts available are in the entertainment category. 20 yr old boys would love to receive some kind of entertainment device that they can use when it comes to chilling out.

The project that we’ve reviewed in this post could be a wonderful choice. It lets them connect it to a range of devices to watch movies and play video games with.

Their movie watching and game play experience can be enhanced as they can project the images on a much larger screen!

Entertainment gifts may be best for people who like to spend time relaxing by watching movies and playing games.

Unique Gift Ideas for 20 Year Olds

Are you having a rough time on what to get a 20 year old boy for his birthday when he already seems to have everything?

If so, you’ll be glad to hear that we’ve made sure to include some incredibly unique gifts that most guys won’t already have.

For example, the travel map is great for boys who have a passion for traveling the world. It lets them track where they’ve been and plot out places to go to next. It’s different from other gifts as they’ll be able to use it to enhance their traveling experiences.

Furthermore, a disappearing dinosaur mug could be a fun option. It’s something that guys won’t be expecting when they go to make a hot coffee or tea!

When it comes to unique birthday gifts, one of the main features that sets them aside from the rest is that they can carry more meaning to them.

This is especially the case with items that can have a personalized message added onto them.

Alternatively, the options that are just more fun and different from the norm, like the dinosaur mug, can make for excellent one of a kind gifts too.

Final Thoughts on Top Rated Gifts for Twenty Year Old Guys

So, that brings our review of the top 20th birthday presents for guys to an end. You can use the ideas in our review as inspiration on what gifts to get at Christmas too!

Be sure to consider the main features, pros, and cons of each option. That’s what will enable you to have a better idea about whether or not it’s the right choice for your son, grandson, boyfriend, or friend.

Hopefully, all the details in this post has helped to make you feel more confident about the kind of gifts to go for.

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