23 Best Gifts for 21 Year Old Males in 2019

Are you having a tough time trying to pick the best gifts for your 21 year old son? We know how hard than can be, especially for guys this age. Your son has just entered into adulthood and you may be confused and left wondering whether you get him something a boy would like, possibly a drone, game or perhaps an RC car? Or do you get him something more practical like a computer or watch or coffee maker for college?

At this age we know how hard it can be so that’s why we’ve created the guide below, to help provide you with inspiration regarding 21st birthday presents for guys. We’ve researched and reviewed what some of the top gifts for males this age are to make your job of finding that perfect present a lot easier. So, by the end of this review, you’ll be able to feel more at ease with choosing the one your son likes the most.

Top Picks for Mom and Dads

Best Gifts for 21 Year Old Man

Regardless of whether you’re looking for gift ideas for boyfriends, sons or friends, you can be sure to find some awesome options below. A buyers guide section is also available at the end which can be useful for giving you a more confident feeling about making a final decision.

1Casio Men’s G-Shock Watch 


Guys have been loving how this watch comes with a waterproof design. This allows them to use it while traveling in wet weather, as well as when they’re swimming and showering.

It can be used in depths of water that are up to 660 feet. The resin case that has been used also provided the watch with an excellent visual appeal.

  • Shock resistant 
  • Easy to use closure    
  • Lighting on the display could be improved     

2Pea Coat by BGSD


If you’re buying 21st birthday gifts for guys who like to dress well, this coat could be an awesome choice. It’s available in blue or black.

They’ve used high quality wool materials to make the coat. Therefore, guys are able to feel super comfortable while wearing it.

With the hand pockets available on the inside and outside, young men are provided with multiple areas to store their items.

  • Insulated polyester lining for warmth      
  • Great front closure design 
  • Some of the stitching on the buttons could be stronger     

3Comfy Blanket by Quility 


Quility’s blanket set comes in a wide range of sizes and colors. Therefore, you can be sure to find that set that’s right for the guy you’re buying it for.

The 7 layered feature is fantastic for providing a young man with lots of comfort. We liked how they’ve paid a lot of attention to the sewing details with the blanket.

It keeps the blanket durable for longer. Furthermore, the cotton and polyester materials make it feel very soft.

  • Can improve sleep 
  • Breathable layers     
  • Heavier than some were expecting     

4Sperry’s Black Leather Shoes 


These shoes have been made with high grade leather materials. This provides them with a lot of strength to make sure that they last guys for a long time.

The all black design also makes these shoes great for professional environments. We liked how there’s a special lacing system available as well. It makes it easier to tie the laces with a secure fit that can be adjusted.

  • Rubber sole for comfort 
  • Shock absorbing heel cups     
  • A little narrower than some would prefer     

5Cooking Book for Young Men 


This could be a fantastic gift for single guys who are interested in learning how to cook. the book comes with a wide variety of recipes that are easy to follow.

We liked how it’s available in paperback or a Kindle form. This means you can choose the option that you think the guy will want to read the book with.

  • Useful present 
  • Easy to read     
  • Meals aren’t as nutritional as some were hoping for     

6Customizable Black Leather Wallet 


This makes for a very personable gift for a young man because you’re able to have their initials engraved into the wallet.

We liked how it has been made with high quality leather materials. It keeps the wallet durable. Not to mention, the leather design looks fantastic.

  • Card protection sections 
  • Compact size     
  • Some would prefer if the engraving font was darker     

7Whiskey Set by Osleek 


This is a fantastic gift that works to avoid ice melting inside your drink. The whiskey stones have been made with stainless steel materials that keep drinks cool and tasty.

The set comes with 2 whiskey glasses that are large, a pair of tongs made out of metal, and 8 whiskey steel stones.

  • Unique gift idea 
  • Excellent wooden gift box available 
  • Velvet bag included    
  • Some aren’t impressed with the seams on the glasses     

8Adidas Duffel Bag


This duffel bag is available in a medium or small size, as well as a huge variety of colors. So, you have plenty of options to choose from to find the right one for a guy.

We liked how the shoulder strap has been fitted with padded materials. This makes it very comfortable to carry around. These straps can also be easily adjusted.

A special computer pouch has been included within the duffel bag as well. This is excellent for keeping your laptop safe while traveling.

  • Organized compartments 
  • Durable front zipper 
  • Easy to use with trolley luggage handles    
  • Some find it makes a squeaky sound while carrying it around to begin with     

9Elegant Art Kit


This art set comes with a wide range of drawing and sketching supplies that totals up to 24 pieces. This enables artistic guys to have everything they need to start getting creative.

We liked how the chest that’s available has been made with a high quality dark wooden design. It provides it with a deluxe design appeal that looks fantastic.

  • Drawing guide included 
  • Variety of sizes available     
  • People have been loving this set!     

10Backpack for Traveling 

Travel Laptop...
5,738 Parent Reviews

With a laptop compartment available, guys are able to keep their laptop safe while they’re traveling. It can fit laptops that are up to 15.6″ which is great for most people.

We liked how the back of the backpack has been implemented with a padded material that has been ventilated. Therefore, guys are able to wear the bag all day and keep their back breathable.

  • Can be used easily with luggage trolleys 
  • Anti theft pocket included 
  • Water resistant design    
  • Some of the stitching could be stronger     

11Asics Gel Training Shoes 


If you’re buying presents for a young man who enjoys running, these shoes could make for a fantastic gift. They come with a rubber sole which makes them very comfortable to run in.

A GEL Cushioning system has been implemented as well. This works to absorb the impact from running on hard surfaces.

  • Wide range of colors available 
  • Removable sockliner 
  • High traction soles    
  • Some find they’re a little stiff to begin with     

12Multipurpose Gadget Charging Station Stand 


This is an awesome gift that lets guys charge all of their Apple gadgets in one place. They can use the station to charge their iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch.

The body of the stand has been made with high grade aluminum alloy materials. Therefore, you can be sure that it will be able to properly hold a guy’s gadgets.

  • Keeps wires tidy 
  • Anti slip pad     
  • Charging isn’t as fast as some were hoping     

13Shot Glass Game 


This set could make for a fun game that guys can play on their birthday with friends. It’s a game of tic tac toe that involves shot glasses.

We liked how there are 9 shot glasses. It enables a larger group of people to have fun playing the game.

  • Comes in a gift box     
  • Gets everyone laughing!  
  • Set is a little smaller than some were expecting     

14MacBook Air by Apple 


Twenty one year old boys who are looking for a new laptop to do work on would be super happy to receive this Apple MacBook as a present.

It’s 11″ in size, which makes it very compact and easy to use while they’re on the move. We also like how it has been implemented with an Intel Core i5 Processor. It works to ensure that laptop is able to perform well consistently.

  • Multiple ports for connectivity 
  • Intel HD Graphics processor included 
  • 4 GB of memory available    
  • Some notice the hinges are a little looser than they were anticipating     

15Twenty First Birthday T-Shirt 


This T-shirt makes for an awesome gift for a boy aged 21 on his birthday. We liked how it comes in a variety of colors as it provides you with more buying options.

It has been made with high quality polyester and cotton materials. As a result, it’s super comfortable for guys to wear.

  • Great retro design 
  • Awesome fit     
  • Guys have been loving wearing this T-shirt     

16Game of thrones Themed Beer Glass


Guys who are fans of Game of Thrones will love receiving this beer glass as a present. It reads “I Drink & I Know Things” which is a popular line from the show.

We liked how they’ve made the glass with a thick design. This ensures that it remains durable for longer.

  • Large 17 oz capacity
  • Dishwasher safe     
  • Some of the lettering wears down over time     

17Real Leather Wallet 


This wallet has been made with a thin design which makes it very easy for guys to carry around with them wherever they go. It has been made using high grade leather materials that keep it durable.

It also weighs just 1.84 oz, which means that it’s super lightweight and convenient to carry. With 8 separate compartments available, young men can keep all of their cards organized.

  • RFID anti theft blocking feature
  • Available in different colors      
  • Some of the stitching could be better     

18Razor Shaving Set 


Guys who shave regularly will appreciate receiving this set as a gift. The kit comes with a double edge razor, 20 razor blade refills, and a travel case.

Therefore, young men have all they need to shave everyday in one set. A mirror has also been included which makes it easy for guys to shave when they’re on the move.

People have been mentioning how they’re able to experience a comfortable shaving experience with this set. It bumps, razor burns, and rashes.

  • Awesome gift packaging 
  • Anti rust blades     
  • Some would prefer if the handle was longer     

19SharkNinja Coffee Maker


If you’re buying presents for a young man who loves drinking coffee, this could be an awesome present. It comes with a frother that lets them froth the milk to perfection before adding it to their coffee.

There are 4 coffee cup size modes available. Guys can use this feature to fill their coffee cup up properly. It accommodates medium and large cups, as well as regular and larger travel cups.

People have also been liking how they’re able to make a range of different coffees. It allows them to experiment and try out different types of coffee.

  • Amazing tasting coffee
  • Measuring mug for special coffees      
  • Cleaning notifier can make a beeping sound that some find annoying     

20NY MLB Cap 


This cap has been licensed by the MLB which makes the replica look like the real thing. We liked how it comes with a logo that’s 3D on the front.

The Velcro feature that has been used is great for letting guys adjust the cap without any hassle.

  • Great for NY Yankee supporters 
  • Feels comfortable     
  • Straps at the back could be more durable     

21Bluetooth Headphones 


Young men who enjoy listening to music will love using this headphones. They’re Bluetooth enabled which lets guys connect it to their devices to listen to music wirelessly.

The 40mm sterio driver that has been included is excellent for providing high quality sound. People have also been liking the over ear design as it’s more comfortable to wear.

  • Lightweight design 
  • Easily adjustable music settings 
  • Microphone available    
  • Noise cancellation could be better     

22Bamboo Watch by TreeHut 


This TreeHut watch has been made with bamboo wood materials that provide it with an excellent design. We liked how it has been made to be completely natural.

It also has a water resistant design. Therefore, guys can wear it when they’re out and about and not have to worry about the rain damaging it.

  • Minimalist design 
  • Comfortable leather strap
  • Long battery life     
  • Can be prone to being scratched     

Top Picks

Buyers Guides on What the Best Gifts for 21 Year Old Males Are

Now that you’ve read through our review, you will have been able to gain a better idea of what the top gifts for twenty one guys have to offer. So, you can pick out the one that you think is best.

Although, if you were still not 100% sure on which present to choose, you may want to read through the buyers guide section below. We’ve included more details surrounding the popular gifts, as well as more tips on what to get a guy aged 21 for Christmas and birthdays.

What to Get As 21st Birthday Gifts for Your Boyfriend?

While reading through our list of Christmas and birthday gifts for guys, you will have noticed that there are a range of different options available. To gain a clearer understanding on what the different kinds are, take a look below.


Watches are among the most popular options for guys this age. This is because of how stylish they look and how guys can wear them for different occasions and with various outfits.


Guys would appreciate receiving shoes as a present as it can be useful. You can be sure that they’ll be able to make good use out of them on a daily basis.

If they’re working in professional places, a pair of smart shoes could be an excellent gift. You could also go with a pair of sneakers or running shoes for men who like to stay active.


Books can make for fantastic presents for young men age twenty one, especially if they have life tips included. At twenty one, guys are at the stage in their lives where they’re taking on more responsibility and learning more.

Therefore, having a book that includes tips on how to navigate their twenties could be a present that they appreciate.

What to Get a 21 Year Old Boy for Christmas?


Backpacks can be good gifts for your son who is in college or always on the move would love receiving a great backpack as a present. The ones that have a specific area for laptops would be best as most guys have laptops or tablets to carry around with them.

They’re also able to store books in the main compartment, as well as their other essential items in the various zippers that are included.


Are you looking for good 21st birthday gifts for him and hes a guy who love to listen to music? If so he would be over the moon to open up a pair of headphones on his birthday. We recommend that you go with the wireless ones because they’re more convenient to loose as there aren’t any wires that can get in the way.

These kinds of headphones have Bluetooth which lets guys connect it to Bluetooth enabled devices. This includes laptops, tablets, and phones.


Though some guys this age may not be soon keen on these games are still something to consider buying when it comes to guys this age on their birthday. This is because they can be used when guys are in groups with their friends. Furthermore, they can have fun using the games to play with the family as well.

Unique Gift Ideas for 21 Yr Old Males

If you’ve been struggling on 21st birthday ideas for your boyfriend, you’ll want to consider the more unique options that are available. This includes the types of gifts that you can add a personal touch or give more meaning to.

For example, we’ve reviewed a wallet in this post where you’re able to put someone’s initials on them. When a guy receives this as a present, you can feel confident in knowing that they’ll feel special.

You can use some of the other ideas in this review to give you a better idea on what to choose when you’re after one of a kind presents. Books could be another awesome option as they can add some real value to a guy’s life.

Final Thoughts on Top Rated Gifts for 21 Yr Old Guys

That brings our review of 21st birthday ideas for him to an end. Be sure to consider all of the main features, as well as the pros and cons. You’ll be able to have a better idea of what present is best for that special person.

Hopefully, the details throughout this review have been useful in helping you to choose the best type of present to go for!

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