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At doodleBuckets we believe in the power of informed shopping. Unlike any previous generation, we have a wealth of insights available online and through social media that put the buying power back into your hands.

Our mission is to help you maximize your time and select the very best toys for your son or daughter without questioning whether or not they will be a good fit, stand the test of time and be safe for their age. We also recognize the importance of education and cognitive development and supply guides on toys that provide the best educational experience for your kids while still keeping them entertained and happy.

We’ve researched extensively to create the most complete shopping guides of popular toys and gifts for children of all ages. Whether your son or daughter is an infant, kindergartner or even a teenager we’ve written about toys of all types so you can be sure to find something they will love.

Our goal is simple, remove the stress and time involved in finding the best toys that will provide your toddler, child or teen by aggregating all available insights into an easy to understand list to make make toy and gift buying a breeze.

We’re excited to help make your toy and gift buying experience just a little bit easier.

Core Values

Trust. Trust is very important to us and that’s where we’re different from most sites. Most review sites are actually just promoting products simply to make money off of you but at doodleBuckets we pledge to never be influenced by any manufacturers in any way in the forming our opinions of the products we write about.

Independence. We gather independent third party data on the products included in our list and promise never to be swayed by retailers who ask use to promote the products they sell.

Accuracy. Accuracy is paramount and we’re committed to providing the highest possible transparency and clarity in our detailed buying guides. Nobody wants to read a guide and purchase a toy only to find out the toys comes with a few little surprises the guide was untruthful about. We ensure accuracy through a rigorous editorial process that involves in verifying information from the manufacturer and what real users are saying about said products.

Up-to-date. Having our content frequently updated to include the most accurate information is another thing we take seriously. All of our guides are updated on at minimum a bi-annual basis, often more frequently so you can be sure you’re reading the most up to date information on the top toys for your boy or girl. Just have a look at the ‘last updated’ date at the top of each guide to see how recently the guide has been updated.

Contact Info

We welcome your comments, question and concerns so feel free reach out to us if you have any by visiting our contact page or you can get in touch with us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram.

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