About Us

At doodleBuckets we believe there’s a better way to shopping for toys and gifts for kids than visiting a traditional retail store. In order to get the best gift for your boy or girl that will provide the maximum hours of enjoyment you need to read well researched buying guides online from experts like us. You also want to consider toys that also providing for the best educational experience for your kids.

We’ve look up and down, left and right and researched extensively to create the most complete shopping guides of the best toys and gifts for kids of all ages. Whether your son or daughter is an infant, kindergartner or even a teenager we’ve written about toys of all types so you’re sure to find something they will love.

Our goal is simple, remove the stress and extensive time involved in finding the best toys that will provide your child with the best playtime possible. 

Our years of shopping experience in the toy and gift space uniquely qualify us to be authorities in this area and we’re excited to help make your gift buying experience just a little bit easier.

Core Values

Trust is out main concern and that’s where we’re different that most site. You see most review sites are actually just promoting their advertisers but we pledge to never be influenced by any manufacturers in any way in the forming our opinions of the products we write about.

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To contact us simply visit our contact page or simply send us an email at contact @ doodlebuckets.com