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The toy market today is gigantic with an incredible range of toys and board games that are becoming more and more innovative, educational and fun. While they’re obviously fun for the kids, parents have also admitted to having a little more fun with them than they ever thought possible!

Since there are so many different types toys available these day it can feel incredibly overwhelming when it comes to trying to find the best ones. At doodleBuckets, we want to make choosing toys a hassle-free process for you so we have taken it upon ourselves to jump into the many toy categories available and find the best ones of all types for boys and girls of all ages.

Trust us when we say, we’ve saved you a lot of time from doing it yourself. All that’s left for you to do is have a read of the toy guides that we’ve put together in this section. You’ll be left with a much clearer idea as to which are the best toys for fun and learning. Our toys section has something for everyone. This makes buying gifts for other people’s kids, as well as your own, super easy.

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Further Help With Finding The Best Toys

At doodleBuckets we know toys, and well. But the reality is that we don’t know everything, and we know that! We truly want to help parents get the best toys for their kiddos while also saving time and money. And since that’s the main purpose of our site we figure what better way to do that then direct parents towards other resources that we find incredibly helpful. So below we’ve included several sites that we are very impressed with and feel comfortable directing you towards in your search for the best toys for your little boy or girl.